C Programming Certificate - Level 1


StudySection's C Programming Level 1 Certification exam is for beginners in C Programming. Basic concepts of C Programming will be tested through this online test. Student is expected to have basic understanding of C Programming concepts and should have applied them practically as well. We also provide study material or reference URLs that provide tutorials on the subject. To access the tutorials register with us and click on link Study Material after login. Topics to be covered in this exam are following:

  • Introduction to C
  • Variables
  • Conditional Statements and Loops
  • Functions
  • Arrays and Structs
  • C Pointers
  • Operators and Escape Sequences

StudySection's Level 1 Certification Exams provide an opportunity to online students to get certified on subjects they have started to learn. Every Level 1 certificate is designed keeping beginners in the subject in mind. Exam questions focus on topics most important for new students in the subject. Questions not only test the conceptual knowledge of student but also are example oriented in several cases.

All questions have multiple-choice answers. For a question to be answered correctly, student has to select every correct choice. All our exams are prepared by subject experts. We keep the exam duration and number of questions within limits prescribed by experts. All our exams are free of cost and student can take an exam any number of times. After the exam we provide result report that indicates exam status (pass/fail), marks obtained, overall rank among all studysection students who have taken the same exam, topic-wise score and a unique test id as a reference. Student can apply for an e-certificate or a printed certificate after passing the exam.

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