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Regression Testing Tools and Techniques 2021

This post is about how to do regression testing, which tools and techniques are used for this.

What is Regression Testing?

Regression testing is a software testing type that includes re-running the functional and non-functional tests. The main aim of regression testing is to ensure that changing the code of the software doesn’t affect the previous functionality of the software.

In which situations we need to do the regression testing:

  1. When the new functionality is added to the software.
  2. Whenever any change is made in the existing functional code.
  3. Whenever software is integrated with other products.

What are the regression testing techniques?

  • Retest: In this technique test engineers have to test all the existing test cases. It takes time and effort on behalf of the test engineers.
  • Regression Test Selection: In this technique, test engineers can select the subset of test cases. There are two types of test cases used by the test engineer: obsolete and reusable test cases. Reusable test cases can be repetitively used in the succeeding regression cycles. But obsolete test cases are bug-specific and not used in succeeding regression cycles.
  • Select Test Cases on a Priority Basis: Prioritize test cases depending on a business impact and requirement basis. Test engineers can select the test cases on a priority basis.


Regression testing can be automated up to some extent. For automation testing here are some tools which are used in regression testing which are as follows:

  1. Ranorex studio: Ranorex studio is the best automation testing tool that stimulates regression tests for mobile, desktop, and web apps. Over 4000 companies worldwide got benefits from Ranorex studio and increased their efficiency. Ranorex studio can be run at night in parallel and also distributed on a selenium grid.
  2. Selenium: Selenium is an open-source automation testing tool, it is mostly used for the testing of web applications. It is supported by all platforms and browsers. Selenium is a set of different software tools.
    It has four components which are as follows:

    • Selenium Integrated Development Environment(Selenium IDE)
    • Selenium Remote Control
    • Selenium WebDriver
    • Selenium Grid
  3. Watir: Watir tool is used for web application testing in ruby. It’s an open-source Ruby library for automation testing. It’s a lightweight and easy-to-use tool. It supports multiple browsers on different platforms. It’s technology-independent and free, there is no pricing to use it.
  4. Sahi Pro: Sahi pro is an automation tool used for the testing of web applications. It supports REST API automation. Sahi pro supports cross-browser testing on multiple platforms of complex web applications which are using AJAX and a lot of dynamic content.
  5. TestComplete: TestComplete tool allows the test engineer to create automated regression test cases for web, mobile, and desktop applications. It runs test cases in parallel across 1500 real testing environments.

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