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Sending Wrapper object to Apex From LWC

We can pass a wrapper object directly to the apex without having to serialize or deserialize it through LWC as an apex parameter. Let’s take an example of the wrapper class or DTO (Data Transfer Object) class shown below in the apex.


This object is used in the apex class to retrieve data from the LWC, which is passed as an object parameter from the LWC Apex class. This object is used to insert data into the Account and Contact objects.


To pass this AccountWrapper wrapper object to Apex and utilize it, we need to use JSON data as a method argument in LWC. This would behave as the normal parameter that we usually send to the Apex class from LWC. In LWC, we need to use import to reference any apex method before using it.


This is the method by which we can utilise a wrapper object in the Apex class, which is sent from LWC to Apex directly.

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