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SEO Content Writing

Why content writing plays an important role in SEO?


SEO and Content, create a bond that can improve any website’s ranking to the top of the search engine. But that’s only when they’re at their best. Also, when they’re at their worst, they can cause Google penalties from which it is very difficult to recover. Providing a specific definition for SEO content writing, and one that is accepted by all marketers would be near impossible. Google, the leader of search engines, processes over 3.5 billion searches daily.

The process in which they organize that data, however, has evolved a bit over the years. Google’s algorithms are regularly evolving in an attempt to deliver, as they say, “…useful and relevant results in a fraction of a second.” The “useful and relevant results” that Google is trying to present are the portions of content that are available throughout the web. These pieces of content are ranked by their order of usefulness and relevance to the user performing the search. And that means, to make sure your SEO content writing has value all, it needs to be helpful to searchers.

Some Points Why Content Writing Is necessary for SEO

We all know what is SEO content writing. Let’s come to the main topic of this blog post: reasons why content writing is significant for SEO. Since content writing is requisite to any genuine content marketing purpose, we can safely say that SEO is actually all about content writing. How come? I’m describing that below.

  • SEO needs imperative usage of keywords and search terms:

Although big advances have been made in terms of ranking blog posts and web pages according to their true value, keywords still matter. You can assess the significance of keywords by the point that your ranking depends on whether or not you have applied your keywords or one of its alternatives in the title of your blog post or web page. It is only through imperative content writing that you can use the right keywords to satiate Google. If there is no relevant keyword or content, then it is very difficult for you to rank for the right keywords.

  • Social validation can only be achieved with the help of quality content:

We have seen that many blog posts and web pages rank well due to the social affirmation they have been able to attract despite having low-quality content. But this can only be achieved by brute force and lots of money. For small or medium-sized businesses, the only way you can get social recognition is by doing quality content writing. When your content is of high quality, when it delivers value, when people find what they are looking for through your content, they tend to engage with your content through social media and social networking websites. When they share your links on their timelines, Google sees these actions as social validation and then uses this action to rank your links.

  • Quality backlinks can only be achieved with the help of quality content:

Backlinks are also a form of social validation but you don’t necessarily have to focus on social media and social networking websites to garner backlinks. Why would people go to your website or blog? Apart from the fact that sometimes you can pay websites and blogs to link back to you, in most of the cases, people link to you because they appreciate what you are publishing. This, Google sees as validation and its algorithms use this validation to rank your web pages and blog posts.

  • In order to list your website and individual links, Google needs relevant content:

This is straightforward logic. If you don’t have any content, what is Google going to rank for your searched term? In Google Images Google ranks images, in Google Video, Google ranks videos and in the same manner, in the normal Google section, Google ranks text, your written content. This is why content writing is important for your SEO: it is giving Google something to rank. It also tells Google for what search terms and keywords your content should be ranked.

  • Content writing grants to the “Search Task Accomplishment” factor:

This is a new trend emerging: Is your content useful and depicts any purpose? Search Task Accomplishment is having attention on the Internet, especially in content marketing and SEO circles. Soon, Google is going to give the position to your content according to the real meaning that it depicts. A user should be able to find exactly what he or she is looking for when he or she uses the Google search engine. Google is working on an algorithm that will be able to find if people can find exactly the information that they need on your website. If your website meets the criteria, your rankings will start improving and if no, your rankings will start deteriorating. There was a time when SEO existed alone and that case is no longer.

Nowadays, SEO is the sum total of your entire content marketing dispensation. Without great content, you can never hope to get the best good search engine rankings. With every preceding month, content writing is becoming really an important part of SEO.


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