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microsoft word certification

Benefits of MS word Certification for non-IT people

Introduction- MS Word

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor tool both in the past and in the present. It remains to be the top choice among the different word processors available these days. It is an indispensable tool for most computer users. You can create the documents and complete a number of other functions related to word processing. Microsoft Word processing has improved and it made the work of typing definitely faster and convenient. It is one of the most used aspects of information technology. The people of all ages from young grade school student to the elder grandmother could have encountered the need for word processing.

Benefits of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is available practically everywhere. It comes as a standard application on many PCs. You can typically find it on your work together. Microsoft Word is used as a standard tool for word processing all over the world. Anyone can find it on most of the computer either it is work pc or home pc. With Microsoft Word, you can create the simple hence important documents like the letters and the reports. It has many features like you can add clip art or you can use tables with customizable borders and bullet formatting.

Based on these advanced features, there are some of the reasons why non-IT people should get certified in MS Word.

  • Office Automation
    In this modern generation, where everything has a bit of automation i.e in a direct or indirect way people use the computer in every aspect of life. With Microsoft Word, the workforce can be reduced and there can be less use of hard paper hence reducing the carbon emissions. It helps in the flow of communication, documentation, and operations among different departments of office.
  • Improving Employability
    This is one of the main reasons why one should take Microsoft Word Certification. This will increase their chance of getting better job offers as every employer is interested in those candidates who have some basic knowledge of some basic computer programs and Microsoft Word is one of them. Certification in Microsoft Word will enhance their CV attracting more employers towards their profile.
  • A convenient way to Keep Documents
    Microsoft Word is very simple hence important tool for making documents. It has more advanced features which make it more convenient. Mail merge is a feature which allows users to send out bulk emails, but consequently with unique elements. Inserting Watermarks is a very useful feature which avails an option to insert a watermark specific to their objectives via the page layout button if they are sending an important document or a draft. Find & Replace saves precious times of users by searching for all occurrences of a particular word, phrase or set of characters and replace them with an alternative.
  • Job Promotions
    Another very useful benefit of gaining Microsoft Word Certification is enhancing your potential to advance within the present job or a type of business. Employers often promote those employees who have some extra skills and certifications. Most employers who want to stay competitive with other businesses recognize the potential in expanding their IT environment. Hiring new employees is a difficult task, especially when they have to maintain trust in them as they will be working with the valuable information of employers. While, if the present employee got a certification in Microsoft Word, that person has a very good chance of being able to take on a more advanced position that uses MS word.
  • Easily Accessible
    The files created in MS word are in a .docx format and can be easily uploaded to the online drives provided by many cloud computing websites. These documents can be downloaded anywhere with requesting access through the internet without carrying the hard copy of the same. These can be viewed, edited or even downloaded making it much more convenient.
  • Password Protection
    MS word creates the files in .docx format and there are many options to protect these files by encrypting these with a password. This feature allows users to keep their personal and important data encrypted using password protection. After encryption, these files can only be accessed using the password set by the creator of file making it safer to share some important information.
  • High Accuracy
    Microsoft Word is a program in computers and has a high accuracy rate because it has some features which allow users to suggest the correct spelling without any hassle using the auto-correct feature. This eliminates the chance of spelling mistakes making the best document a user can create.

These benefits show that getting Microsoft Word Certification is very useful in this generation of modern technology for a non-IT person also.

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