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Adapter Design

Adapter Design Pattern in c

The adapter design pattern is used to bridge two incompatible interfaces. It involves a single class called adapter that is responsible for communication between two independent or incompatible interfaces. It makes two incompatible interfaces work together.
It includes four components.

  • Target: It is an interface that is used by the client to achieve its request.
  • Adapter: It is a class that implements the Target interface and inherits the Adaptee class. It provides communication between the Client and Adaptee.
  • Adaptee: It is a class with the functionality required by the client. However, it does not support the client’s interface.
  • Client: It is a class that interacts with a type that implements a Target interface.

The Adapter Design patterns are often implemented in two ways.

  1. Object Adapter Design
  2. Class Adapter Design

adapter chart

creating the Employee model and a simple object into an XML converter example:
// create Employee Model:
class Employee
public string Emp_Name { get; set; }
public string Emp_Address { get; set; }
public int Emp_Id { get; set; }
// Employee details:
class EmployeeDataProvider
public static List GetData() => new List
new Employee{ Emp_Id=101,Emp_Name="Ajay",Emp_Address="Mohali"},
new Employee{ Emp_Id=102,Emp_Name="Abhi",Emp_Address="Chd"},
new Employee{ Emp_Id=103,Emp_Name="Sidh",Emp_Address="Mohali"},
new Employee{ Emp_Id=104,Emp_Name="Rajesh",Emp_Address="Chd"},
new Employee{ Emp_Id=105,Emp_Name="Ravi",Emp_Address="Mohali"}
// converter Xml
public class XmlConverter
public XDocument GetXML()
var xDocument = new XDocument();
var xElement = new XElement("Employee");
var xAtributes = EmployeeDataProvider.GetData()
.Select(c => new XElement("Employee",
new XAttribute("Employee_Id",c.Emp_Id),
new XAttribute("Employee_Name", c.Emp_Name),
new XAttribute("Employee_Address",c.Emp_Address)));
return xDocument;
Implement a JsonConverter class:
class JsonConverter
private IEnumerable _employees;
public JsonConverter(IEnumerable employees)
_employees = employees;
public void ConvertToJson()
var jsonemployee = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(_employees, Formatting.Indented);
Console.WriteLine("\n Print Json List\n");
Create interface:
public interface IXmlToJson
void ConvertXmlToJson();
XmlToJsonAdapter class that will implement the IXmlToJson interface:
public class XmlToJsonAdapter: IXmlToJson
private readonly XmlConverter _xmlConverter;
public XmlToJsonAdapter(XmlConverter xmlConverter)
_xmlConverter = xmlConverter;
public void ConvertXmlToJson()
var employee = _xmlConverter.GetXML()
.Select(c => new Employee
Emp_Id = Convert.ToInt32(c.Attribute("Employee_Id").Value),
Emp_Name = c.Attribute("Employee_Name").Value,
new JsonConverter(employee).ConvertToJson();
Main class:
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
var xmlConverter = new XmlConverter();
var adapter = new XmlToJsonAdapter(xmlConverter);

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