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Destructuring assignment – Javascript

Destructuring assignment:

It’s a Javascript expression that makes the assignment of the values of arrays or objects by unpacking them into new variables in an easier way.

  1. Array Destructuring in Javascript
    const dummyarr = [‘a’,’b’,’c’,’d’,8];
    let [val1,val2,val3,val4] = dummyarr;

    console.log(val1); => a
    console.log(val2); => b
    console.log(val3); => c

  2. Object Destructuring
    const person = {
    fname : “Abc”,
    lname: “Def”,
    age: 24
    let {fname,lname,age} = person;

    If you print these variables, they will return the values assigned to the person object.
    And if you want to use variable names different than those mentioned in the object properties, in that case, you will need to specify the variable name while declaring them otherwise it will return “undefined”.
    For example:
    let {fname:firstname,lastname,age} = person;
    console.log(firstname); => Abc
    console.log(lastname); => undefined
    console.log(age); => 24

So, the destructuring assignment makes it easier to assign the array or object values to different variables.

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