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Introduction to eLearning

Elearning is just learning delivered using technology. It is delivered through digital resources. This can also be provided through electronic devices such as tables, personal computers, and cellular phones if they are connected to the internet.

Let’s try to define eLearning as courses. These courses are available to all students if they have the internet. In this type of learning, students don’t need to go to classrooms where their professors are teaching that means students can easily learn anytime and anywhere. Some popular online course websites are listed below:

  • Udemy
  • Khan Academy
  • Open Culture Online Courses
  • Academic Earth
  • Coursera

How to Deliver eLearning

Below are the ways to deliver eLearning:

Using an LMS

A learning management system (LMS for short) is a software application. By using this application you can create courses, deliver information, and provide reports on training courses. You can choose any LMS based on your requirements. There are different types of LMS’s i.e. Cloud-based, Commercial, Open Source, and Installation-based.


SCORM is a set of technical specifications that were developed to provide a common approach to how eLearning content is developed and used. It also defines how content could also be packaged into a transferable ZIP file called “Package Interchange Format”.


xAPI is the next evolution of SCORM. The Tracking method is different in SCORM and xAPI. xAPI can track almost any activity like Platform transition. Example-: start e-learning on a mobile device, complete it on a computer. It produces more comprehensive reports of learner’s progress than SCORM.

Benefits of eLearning:

  1. To deliver courses online, eLearning is a more efficient way.
  2. Students don’t need to go to college to gain new skills and information.
  3. Teachers can create course materials easily and use them for a long time. They can easily make changes to these materials.
  4. It makes the whole learning process more enjoyable. Learners can chat with their classmates/teachers online. They can also share their progress on social media.

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