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Why eLearning is gaining popularity?

eLearning(Electronics Learning) recently has been gaining a lot of popularity around the globe. eLearning basically means using digital methods to access the educational curriculum.

Why is eLearning getting popular over the traditional approach?

Long gone days when to learn something, we had to find a teacher or school was the only way to learn. Now, most of the study material is available online and is a matter of few clicks to access them. One can go online and access material to learn whether it is Mathematics, Physics, Programming, English and the list is never-ending.

Distance Education

In the busy schedule, when people want to upgrade their educational qualification but find it hard to attend regular classes then distance education comes into play as a student can learn from eLearning or virtual classrooms offering the person interactive participation without being physically present in a classroom.

Reduced Costs

eLearning has definitely a more pocket-friendly way of learning. As, we can find most of the online papers, lectures free of cost. Moreover, the paid lectures are also pocket-friendly as compared to the traditional ways of learning. Also, when you are studying at your own place, travel expenses are saved as you don’t have to commute daily to attend classes.


eLearning is an environment-friendly way of learning as here, most of the study material is available in digital form whereas study material available on-campuses are mostly paper-based. So, in a way eLearning is also helping to reduce CO2 emission in the environment by reducing the use of paper.


eLearning is also becoming a way of learning money. The user who is confident of his/her skills can make video/audio/documents of the desired topics and share them online and give access to others by taking the required fees. In this way, the user can promote their lectures and make money online at the global level while sitting at home. There are also multiple eLearning websites with which users can integrate to promote its lectures online.


eLearning allows students to learn at their own pace. This gives the freedom to students to learn at their own convenience. They don’t have to worry about missing any important point, marking important lines. Students at remote locations can access the study material resources to replicate the feeling of anyone receiving on-site training.

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