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Picklist Salesforce


Picklist helps with data entry and standardizing input values. Picklist guides the user to values they need and makes data entry quicker. The picklist is not ideal for long entries or values that are not unique.

Types of Picklists in Salesforce

There are three types of picklist used in salesforce:

  • Standard
  • Custom
  • Custom Multi-Select

Properties of Picklist

  • Restricted
  • Dependent

Values in Salesforce Picklist

In salesforce value can be defined in three ways:

  • When we create a picklist we need to set individual values (specific to a single picklist field).
  • We can use a predefined picklist which is a standard picklist field by
  • Create a global value set. When we need to share with more than one picklist field, we can set a global value set.

Standard Picklist

Standard picklists are those picklists that are predefined or pre-built by salesforce org. For example, in a Lead object, there is a picklist field named LeadSource which is a standard picklist. It has some standard value sets.


Custom Picklist

In custom Picklist we can add our values as per the requirements and we can also configure the behavior of the picklist.

Custom Multi-Select

When we create a custom picklist, notice the Picklist (Multi-Select) option in the field type.

Restricted Picklist

  • It is useful for keeping your data consistent.
  • It keeps adding new values (either through API or other Apps) to the user.

Dependent Picklist

  • With the help of a dependent picklist, you can guide users, save UI space, and further improve data integrity.
  • It is used to filter values for one picklist based on the selection from another picklist or a checkbox (controlling values) on the same record.
    Salesforce lead3

Manage Picklist Values

Salesforce lead4

Some options are available on the page

  • New: Create a new value
  • Reorder: Rearrange the existing values.
  • Replace: Replace the existing values.
  • Printable View: See all our values at once.
  • Chart Color: Customize the appearance of value on charts and reports.

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