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React Native

React Native Lightbox

React Native Installation

yarn add react-native-lightbox

On iOS, the navigator attribute is optional but recommended; for the Navigator setting, see the next section.
import Lightbox from 'react-native-lightbox';
const LightboxView ({ navigator }) => (
<Lightbox navigator={navigator}>
<Image style={{ height: 300 }} source={{ uri: '' }} />

Navigator setup/Android support

Setup of Navigator/Android compatibility
Because the Android platform does not yet have the Modal component and is not on the official to-do list, you must pass a reference to a Navigator. For a complete example, see Example project.
const renderScene = (route, navigator) => {
const Component = route.component;
return (
<Component navigator={navigator} route={route} {...route.passProps} />
const MyApp = () => (
style={{ flex: 1 }}
component: LightboxView,


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