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Procedure in SQL

Stored Procedure in SQL

What is a stored procedure?

A stored procedure is a collection of SQL statements that are pre-compiled and stored in databases. Stored Procedures are defined with a Name, parameter list, and SQL statements and these SQL statements can be single or multiple.

When a procedure calls itself it is called a recursive stored procedure, all DBs support them except MYSQL.

When do we need them?

Stored procedures are needed when we need to execute the same statement/queries multiple times, we create a stored procedure for them and store them in the database whenever those statements are required to run just call the stored procedure.

Here are a few advantages of Stored procedures

  1. Reusable set of statements
  2. Protection over SQL injections
  3. Stored procedures can be shared in between different applications
  4. One place modification required
  5. Reduce traffic between DB and the application

Create Stored Procedures –

CREATE PROCEDURE procedure_name
SQL statement/query

Problem: Create a stored procedure named “SelectAllEmployees” that selects all records from the “Employees” table having salary greater than 50K:

Stored Procedure –
SELECT * FROM Employees where salary > 50000;

Execute it –
EXEC SelectAllEmployees;

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