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Big Objects in Salesforce

Big objects in salesforce are used to store massive amounts of data that we can not store using standard and custom objects so to store massive amounts of data in salesforce we can use “Big Object”. The data present in a big object can be used by or by an external system. A big object provides consistent performance, whether you have 1 million records, 100 million, or even 1 billion.

Type of Big Objects in Salesforce:

  • Standard Big Objects
  • Custom Big Objects

Standard Big Objects:
Standard big objects are provided by salesforce. “FieldHistoryArchive” is one of the standard big objects that is used to store the data as part of the field audit trail product and we can not customize the standard object

Custom Big Objects:
The custom big object is created by the user to store the data which is unique to the org.

Use Case:

  1. We can store complete customer interaction into a big Object.
  2. We can create a data Archive using big objects.
  3. We can also track the big object.
  4. We can perform data Analytics using big Object because they store a massive amount of data

How to create Custom Big object:
We can create a custom big object using Metadata API

How to access the Records in Big Objects:
We have two ways to access the records in Big Objects

  • SOQL
  • Async SOQL


  • In SOQL query we can fetch only a small amount of data because of Governor Limits in Salesforce
  • We have to use the SOQL query only when we don’t want to wait for the results

Async SOQL:

  • Async SOQL query is created to help manage millions of records in big objects
  • Async SOQL query works in the background to collect a large amount of data so we have to wait for the results

Things to remember about the Big Objects:

  • We can create only 100 big objects in one org in salesforce
  • Big objects do not support triggers, flows, processes
  • Big Objects can have a relationship with standard and custom objects
  • We can create records in big objects using SOAP And Bulk API
  • Big objects are read-only after creation

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