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Session State

Database Session State

The Database Session State pattern is a C# web application strategy for managing and storing session state information in a database. When there are numerous servers in a web farm and you want to verify that the session state is constant across all servers, this technique is handy.

The session state information is saved in a database table rather than in-process memory in the Database Session State pattern. This enables all web farm servers to access and update the same session state information. Here’s an example of how to implement this pattern in C#:

Create a database table to hold session state data. Columns in this table should include the session ID, session data, and the expiration date.

Configure the web application to use the database for session state storage. This can be done in the web.config file using the element, like this:
<sessionState mode="SQLServer" sqlConnectionString="Data Source=myServer;Initial Catalog=myDatabase;User ID=myUsername;Password=myPassword" />

This tells the application to use SQL Server for session state storage and provides the connection string to the database.

When a user logs in or starts a new session, the application creates a new session ID and stores it in a cookie on the user’s browser. As the user interacts with the application, the session data is stored in the database using the session ID as the key.

Database Session

Each time the user sends a request to the server, the application retrieves the session data from the database and updates it as needed.

When the session expires or the user logs out, the application removes the session data from the database.

By using the Database Session State pattern, you can ensure that session state information is consistent across all servers in a web farm, even if the user’s requests are routed to different servers. This helps to improve the scalability and reliability of the web application.

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