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New Block Editor Features and Enhancements in WordPress 5.4

WordPress 5.4 was released on March 31st, 2020. There are many new features along with bug fixes in the block editor. Along with the enhancement in the editor, WordPress 5.4 introduces interesting improvements in the Site Health Tool and in the REST API.

New Block Editor Features and Enhancements

WordPress 5.4 provides tons of new features and enhancement in block editor by improving the usability of the editor on mobile and desktop.

Some of the changes are directly related to the user interface, including fullscreen mode of editor is enabled by default, improved block selection, easy switching between edit mode and selection mode, fixed-mobile toolbar, and breadcrumbs for block navigation. WordPress 5.4 gives two new blocks and additional option settings to add more functionalities to the editor.

Here is a list of some of the new features and improvements in WordPress 5.4:

  1. Social Icons Block: Social Icons Block allows the publisher to add the social icons on a site page or post along with the link. See the screenshot below for reference:


    Social icons block comes with three predefined styles for customizations: Default, Logo, and Pill shape as follows :


  2. Buttons Block: WordPress 5.4 introduces the Buttons block which replaced the Button block. It allows the user to add multiple buttons within the same block container at the same time. It comes with predefined styling features for changing the look and feel of the buttons. We can change the color of the buttons as well. You can select gradient or background color for the button as like the screenshot:


  3. Inline Text Color Support: WordPress 5.4 provides inline text color support. Before this, we were forced to hardcode rich text blocks in HTML mode to change the color of the text. In WordPress 5.4, we can select words and substrings of rich text blocks and quickly change their colors using the built-in color picker as follows in the screenshot


  4. Additional Color Options for Various Blocks: WordPress 5.4 gives additional color options for block editor. With the help of that, we can change the background color of the locks.WordPress 5.4 adds a long list of color-related features and various enhancements to the block editor. Various blocks not only support the solid colors but also support gradient backgrounds and predefined sets of gradients. See the reference screenshot for that which are as follows:


  5. Drag and Drop to Add Featured Image: In previous versions of WordPress, we have to manually select the images for featured images. But this WordPress version gives the drag and drop feature to add the featured image.

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