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Python Programming Language

Python Programming Language

Python is the world’s fastest-growing multipurpose programming language that is simple and has beginner-friendly syntax. It is used for Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Hacking, etc.

Why Python is gaining popularity?

It has cemented its position among the top three most popular programming languages.

  1. Solve a complex problem in less time and in a few lines of codes

    Example1 :
    Suppose we want to extract the first three letter of WelcomeToWebner

    C#: Str.SubString(0,3)
    JavaScript: Str.SubStr(0,3)
    Python: Str[0:3]

    Example2 :

    In C++:
    #include ;
    using namespace std;
    int main(){
    cout << "Welcome to Webner" << endl; return 0; }

    In Python:

    print "Welcome to Webner"
    Also, Python is used to create custom big data solutions without putting extra time and effort.

  2. Huge Community

    As Python is a High-Level Programming language don’t worry about complex tasks such as memory management, formatting data, file operations like in C++. It provides data visualization libraries and APIs from which we can easily visualize and present data in an effective way and also for developing complex scientific and numeric applications

  3. Cross-Platform

    Python is a cross-platform programming language which means it can be built and run on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, and supports multi-touch, etc.

  4. Test-Driven Development

    Python adopts a test-driven development (TDD) approach that makes it easier to perform coding and testing simultaneously. We can write the required tests before the writing code and use those tests to assess the application code continuously.

  5. Open Source Frameworks and Tools

    There is a wide range of open-source Python frameworks and development tools used to simplify and speed up the application like Django, Flask, Pyramid, Bottle, and cherrypy.

  6. Quality and Reliability

    Python is considered as the most secure and safe programming language. In addition, it is also well known for its speed, reliability, and efficiency. It has the capability of creating enterprise standard massively secure applications with the support of 128-bit encryption technology and possible to implement multi-tier security features in the application.

* The simplicity and elegance of Python make it more acceptable than other programming languages and make it no.1 language.

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