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Interesting facts about NBA

Here are some interesting facts about the NBA:

  1. When Pete Maravich was 26 (in 1974), he said in an interview with a newspaper that ‘He will die of a heart attack at 40, and he didn’t want to play 10 years. It happened exactly, as he played in NBA for 10 years and died at 40 of a heart attack.
  2. Air Jordan (basketball sneakers ) were once banned because they were matching with the Chicago Bulls uniform. The NBA fined Michael Jordan $5000 for every game that he played with these sneakers. All fine was paid by Nike on his behalf.
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  4. Only one 3-point shot was made by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in his entire 20-year career
  5. Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs has to stay in the college for four years instead of going to the NBA because, in her last days, his mother made him promise to complete graduation in college with a degree.
  6. Tim-duncan

  7. An estimated 60% of former players are financially broke within five years of retirement.
  8. American males above 7-foot and age between 20 and 40, have a 17% chance of playing in the NBA.
  9. Only one 3-point shot is made by Shaquille O’Neal in his entire career.
  10. On becoming the first player to earn a $100,000 salary, In 1965 Wilt Chamberlain’s longtime rival Bill Russell, demanded to raise his salary to $100,001 and was immediately raised.
  11. A “quintuple-double” is possible to score in basketball. Though this has never happened, it only happened twice in girl’s high-school play.
  12. Due to his small age(17 years) Kobe Bryant’s parents had to cosign his first contract when he was drafted.
  13. Muggsy Bogues (the shortest man) and Manute Bol (the tallest man) played for the same team (Washington Bullets) in 1987-88.
  14. Manute Bol was the only player in the NBA to have killed a lion with a spear and to have paid 80 cows for his wife. He was also the tallest player in the history of the NBA.
  15. The shortest man ever to play in the NBA (Muggsy Bogues) at 5’3″ had blocked 39 shots throughout his entire career including one on Patrick Ewing (7’0″).
  16. Latrell Sprewell who was famous for choking his coach turned down a $21 million contract offer claiming it wasn’t enough to feed his family. He never played again and went bankrupt.
  17. In 1999, just to get an employee discount Ron Artest applied for a part-time job at Circuit City (Electronics retail company) during his rookie season with the Bulls.
  18. The NBA will no longer be testing for the use of marijuana in the offseason.
  19. The NBA logo features former Laker Jerry West.
  20. Currently, 15 richest owners of clubs in the NBA have a total worth of over $120 billion.
  21. Paul Pierce was stabbed 11 times in the back, neck, and face and still played all 82 games of the 2000-2001 NBA Season
  22. Jeremy Lin’s 89 points in his first three starts are the most by any NBA player since the ABA and NBA merged in 1976.

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