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Simple Guide To App Store Optimization (ASO)

Both ASO and SEO work as guides for search engine algorithms and the techniques used for this differ to a large range.

ASO is a method of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results search engines such as Google Play or Apple App Store. The higher your app ranks in an app store’s search results, the higher noticeable it is to possible customers.
app Optimization

Technicians of ASO

On-metadata factors: On-metadata factors are those factors of the product page that can be changed in App Store Connect or Google Play Console to improve app store keywords rankings, search visibility and conversion rate to download.

Optimizing on-metadata will support you to rank higher in search.

Off-metadata factors: As it occurs in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and off-page factors, Off-metadata factors are those outer factors that are not under the control of the developer.

App Store Optimization = on-metadata + off-metadata

Ranking Factors For iOS App Store & Google Play Store

Apple App Store Ranking Factors Google Play Store Ranking Factors
App Name App Title
App Subtitle Short Description
Keyword field Long Description
In-App Purchase In-App Purchase
Rating and Reviews Rating and Reviews
Updates Updates
Downloads and Engagement Downloads and Engagement
Some Hidden factors Some Hidden factors

Top 3 App Store Optimization Tools

  • AppFollow
  • Mobile Action
  • SearchMan

Advantages of App Store Optimization(ASO)

ASO is a must if you need to get your app in front of the users. Some people claim that optimizing your app is the most useful marketing strategy for mobile apps.

  • Improve Visibility & hold the position in the App Stores
  • Regularly get found by the quality and relevant Users
  • Rise Organic App Downloads in a long-lasting Way
  • Grow App Revenue and Conversion Rates
  • Reach a global audience with your app

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