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SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate renewal when using XAMPP

  • Download win-acme tool from the link
  • Extract and it and go to the following location
  • C:\win-acme.v2\
  • Right click on the file Wacs.exe and choose Run as administrator
  • A terminal window will appear

Choose option M from the list to generate new ssl certificates and follow below steps:

  • “M” – Create new certificate
  • “1” – Manually input host names
  • “Enter your domain name here”
  • “Enter” – Just click enter to confirm again
  • “5” – Save file on local or network path
  • “C:\xampp\htdocs” – Your site root folder
  • “y” – Default config settings
  • “2” – Choosing CSR
  • “3”- Write .pem files
  • “c:\apache-certs” – The reason we created the folder.
  • “3” – No extra steps
  • “1” – No extra steps
  • “Enter email” – Enter your email address for notifications
  • “Y” – docs agreement
  • “Y” – agreement

Your SSL Files should now be created and placed in your “C:\apache-certs” folder and you see something like this on your console:

Configuring Apache

To use certificates obtained using WACS with the Apache 2.4 server, you have to make settings in Apache\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.conf file; you could also make these changes in the \Apache24\conf\extra\httpd-ssl.conf file as well instead if you so wish but I will only be covering “httpd-vhosts.conf”:
Define CERTROOT “C:\apache-certs”
Use the exact path for ssl obtained
Now your website should have the “Green Lock”.

When renewing your certificate follow below steps

  • Right click on the file Wacs.exe and choose Run as administrator
  • A terminal window will appear
  • Type A and enter
  • Stop Apache from the xampp control and choose option R from the terminal and enter
  • After the renewal again, restart the apache server.

Now your website should have the “Green Lock” again.

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