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The Ultimate Guide to Using Hashtags

This article gives you complete guidance regarding hashtags and also depicts how to improve the way you are using hashtags. At the end of this article, there is a surprise element that will help you in finding the best hashtags for your post.

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or phrase led by the hash (#) symbol. On social media, it serves as an indication that a piece of content relates to a specific topic or belongs to a category. Hash tags support make content discoverable in on-platform searches and, efficiently, reach more people.

Why use hashtags?

  • Increase engagement with your followers
  • Build brand awareness with branded hash tags
  • A method to show support for social issues
  • Add context to a social media post
  • Help your target audience find you
  • Disclose sponsored partnerships

5 Different Types of Hashtags

Knowing various kinds of hashtags and their similar audiences is core to develop a useful hashtag strategy:

  1. Industry hashtags – They are always good to use. I suggest using 1 or 2 industry hashtags in your post. Examples: #photographer #blogger
  2. Niche hashtags – Hash tags indicating your niche in your industry. Examples: #weddingphotographer #travelblogger
  3. Brand hashtags – Brand accounts will have branded hash tags. Example: #StudySection #Webners #Winsurtech
  4. Location hash tags – Location hash tags enable you to be quite specific. You make it easier for other people to see you. Examples: #USA #India #Canada #Punjab #Delhi
  5. Event hash tags – Any event occurring nearby you or in any part of the world? Be part of a larger movement. These hashtags are excellent to also find other people in the region. Example: #TuesdayTogether

Do you know about hashtag density?

Hashtag density means the number of posts published using a particular hashtag on social media.
High density means A lot of posts (+500K) = A lot of competition = Harder to rank = Part of a larger picture.
Low density means Not many posts = Lower competition = Easier to rank to the Top Posts = Small tight-knit community

Always use a mixture of low and high-density hash tags.

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