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Working with Git on Local Repositories

Git relies on an open-source distributed version control system which is designed to handle everything in the projects. It can be used from small to larger projects with speed and efficiency.

It is software where multiple developers can work simultaneously, all have access to the source code of a specific application if one modifies changes to the source code that may be seen by other developers.

It is very fast and scalable also have automatic garbage collections

Common Commands to work on local Repository:

git init:
The first step in creating a repository is used to convert a directory into an empty repository.

git add:

It is used to add the files to the staging area of the git
There are a few different ways to use git add, either to add entire directories or specific files.

For ex:
$ git add . # To add all files
$ git add index.html # To stage a specific file:
$ git add css # To stage an entire directory:

git commit:
It is used to commit the changes into a specific branch but it will only be for local, not remote servers
$ git commit -m "Commit message" # commit with message

*The best practice is to add a message explaining the changes made in a commit which make it easy to understand what type of change has been done

git status :
This command is used to check the current state of the current working branch or repository If there is any file pending to commit
For ex:

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