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React Js

Advantages and Disadvantages of React Js


ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library used to make the user interface for Web Applications. It is responsible only for the application’s view layer. A component is a small, isolated piece of code that allows developers to compose complex UIs.React is composed of two parts: the components, which are pieces of HTML code that represent what you see on a user interface, and the HTML document where these components will be rendered.

Jordan Walke, a software developer at Facebook, created ReactJS. Initially, it was used exclusively within the confines of Facebook products like WhatsApp and Instagram. However, in May 2013 ReactJS became available to the public under the name “React”.

Advantage of ReactJS

  1. Simple to Use and Learn: Learning and using ReactJS is a lot simpler. React is a web development framework that is simple to grasp and use for any developer with JavaScript experience.
  2. Making Dynamic Web Apps is Becoming Simpler: It was difficult and required complicated coding to explicitly construct a dynamic web application with HTML, but React JS made it simpler. With less code, it gives more functionality.
  3. Component Reusability: Each of the several components that make up a ReactJS web application has its own logic and controls. Wherever you need them, you may reuse these parts. The creation and updating of your apps is made easier with reusable code.
  4. Performance Improvement: Performance is enhanced with ReactJS thanks to virtual DOM. The React Virtual DOM is a representation of the DOM found in web browsers, and it resides entirely in memory. We didn’t write directly to the DOM as a result while making a React component. Instead, we create virtual components that when activated, transform into the DOM, resulting in a quicker and more fluid performance.
  5. Support for Convenient Tools: ReactJS comes with a useful collection of tools that simplify and make developers’ jobs simpler. You may also choose certain components, and check and update their current Props and State.
  6. Recognized as SEO-Friendly: Conventional JavaScript frameworks struggle to handle SEO. ReactJS provides a solution to this problem by making it simpler for developers to be found on various search engines. The virtual DOM will be rendering and returning to the browser like a typical web page thanks to the fact that ReactJS apps may operate on the server.
  7. The Advantages of the JavaScript Library: The popularity of ReactJS is growing among web developers nowadays. It provides a fairly comprehensive JavaScript library, giving web developers more freedom to use it in any way they see fit.
  8. Test Plan for the Codes: Testing ReactJS apps is simple. It provides a platform where programmers may test and debug their scripts using native tools.

Disadvantage of ReactJS

  1. High development speed: We all know how quickly frameworks change. The programmers are not comfortable regularly learning new methods. They could find it challenging to adapt to all these changes with frequent updates.
  2. Inadequate documentation: React technologies are evolving and growing too quickly for suitable documentation to be created. With the development of new releases and tools in their existing projects, developers create instructions on their own to get around this.
  3. Limited to the View Part: ReactJS is limited to the app’s UI Layers and nothing else. Hence, in order to have a full toolkit for project development, you still need to select a few more technologies.

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