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Digital Marketing

Aspects Of Digital Marketing

Before the era of digital marketing, it was traditional marketing which was the most recognizable. You can recall it by the name of “Door to Door Marketing”. With the advancement in technology, Digital Marketing came into existence. Digital Marketing is a terminology that addresses the promotion of products or services so that it reaches the maximum number of consumers using various digital channels.

Elements of Digital Marketing

  1. Social Media:

    Social Media has been defined as Internet-based applications or websites that allow users to interact with each other. This also gives you the provision of profile creation, sharing relationships, group conversations, and many more. Some of the most famous social media examples are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A lot of businesses use social media as a digital channel for brand awareness. By building a list of followers they try to create loyalty from their consumers. Recruitment using a social media platform like LinkedIn is the new normal these days.

  2. Online Advertising:

    The correct advertising platform and the right advertising campaign are the key factors in achieving success in this competitive web world. There are various online advertising tools such as blogs, games, podcasts, social networks, virtual worlds, widgets, wikis, etc.

  3. Email Marketing:

    When you give permission to someone or when you register to receive email newsletters from a blog or email update from an e-store you are allowing that individual or business to send you emails. When you keep on receiving, reading, and observing those emails, in no time you realize that you got more linked and attached to that particular business or brand. After some time, you may end up buying a product/service that they are offering. When this happens a path of relationship-building to customer nurturing eventually leads to business growth and that is called successful email marketing.

  4. Affiliate Marketing:

    Affiliate Marketing is a platform for online marketing strategies where publishers promote a business via ads on their website and that business will give them rewards with a commission each time a visitor or customer engenders a sale.
    Fundamentally, affiliate marketing is when you get paid a commission for promoting products/accommodations for other companies.

  5. Pay Per Click (PPC):

    It is also known as paid search marketing where you only need to pay when a prospect will click on your advertisement appearing on a Google Search Engine. Generally, it is of two types: Flat Rate PPC and Bid Based PPC.

    • Flat-Rate PPC: Under this, the advertiser and publisher agree on a fixed amount to be paid each time a potential customer clicks through to the advertiser’s Website.
    • Bid Based PPC: Under this model, advertisers compete against each other in private auctions hosted by individual publishers or advertising networks.

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