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Benefits of Computer Fundamentals for non-IT people

Why being certified in “Computer Fundamentals” is beneficial for non-IT people also?

Computers are an integral part of professional environments in this era of modern technology. To find a job that does not require the use of a computer is a difficult task. Like, Journalists use computers to look for information and edit text or video, the police force uses computers to store criminal records, while even a self-employed can use the computer to keep his books intact with the assistance of spreadsheet software. Even basic knowledge of computer technology is crucial to undertake everyday tasks and improve your workplace performance.

The basic need of Computers in Office Automation

The advantage of being certified in Computer Fundamentals is almost as clear as saying ‘good day’. In today’s world where everything has a computer element embedded in the system, having the basic knowledge about this wonderful machine is like having a magic key which can open any door for you. The benefits of taking a computer course are many and regardless of what a student wants to do in his/her life, they will find that many benefits come with the increased knowledge. Knowing the inner workings of a personal computer will definitely save the user time, and decrease his stress. Knowing the various uses of computers and the way to access them effectively is a valuable skill in today’s world.

Benefits of Computer Fundamentals Certification for non-IT professionals

1. Improving Employability

One of the most obvious reasons for a person to get certified in computer fundamentals is that it improves their chances of getting a better job. Even getting a beginners computer fundamentals certification gives the student better job possibilities. While in job promotions, certification in computer fundamentals will advance an employee’s potential with gaining new milestones. If a person knows that areas in the business tech department are out-of-date, he can direct his study to learn how to update his job’s machines. This is one way that after completing the study, he can advance his position to a more rewarding one. This is generally helpful for entry and low-level employees hoping to advance within their field.


2. Job Promotions

Another benefit of gaining computer fundamental certification is improving an employee’s potential to advance within the present job or business. Employees who have been working for their company for some time on a post which doesn’t require any knowledge of computer can take over the computer-based post fundamentals after getting certified very easily. Most employers who want to stay competitive with other businesses recognize the potential in expanding their information technology environment. Hiring new staff members is a difficult task for them, especially when they have to trust the new employees with valuable information and may not know the exact way to use technology. On the other hand, if the present employee got a certification in computer fundamentals, that person has a good chance of being able to take on a more advanced position that uses computer technology.

3. Increases in Wages and Benefits

The most obvious benefit of Computer Fundamentals Certification is increased productivity. If an employee struggles with using a computer in his job then the knowledge he justifies in computer fundamentals certification can help him increase the amount of work he can get done. This will make him eligible for raises and advancement within the company. Some of the things an employee can expect from getting certification are improved understanding of the machines and potentially, a salary. If the knowledge is applied to a business setting, it can only result in positive consequences for the worker, his employer and the business as a whole thing.

4. Stay in touch with technology

One of the most important benefits of taking computer fundamentals certification for a non-IT candidate is that the person stays in touch with the latest technology used these days in workplaces. They can get in touch with electronic mail to send official or un-official electronics mails (one of the fastest mail service) all across the world through the internet.

5. High Accuracy of results

Computers being machines provide highly accurate calculations and answers. Hence, a projected plan, a financial estimate, a profit and loss balance sheet are dependable once they are completed. The accuracy with which it can project and analyze information helps the computer literate understand better the ground reality of any given scenario. On the other hand, the computer illiterate would need to base his decisions on manpower and will me not very confident.

A Computer Literate has tremendous advantages above those who are not literate. This is why most high schools and even degree colleges insist today on their students to complete the computer certification courses offered whether they feel they need it or not. You cannot really survive in today’s technological jungle without having knowledge of how to handle a computer.

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