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Bootstrap 5

Bootstrap 5 New Features


For developing responsive and mobile-friendly web applications Bootstrap is the most popular framework that is available for free to use in our applications.

New features including the Bootstrap 5:

  1. jQuery support: New Bootstrap will no longer use jQuery, but it can still be used. Also, they have instead improved the JavaScript libraries.
  2. CSS Custom Properties: Custom CSS properties and variables can be used that make CSS more flexible and programmable. CSS variables are prefixed with -bs to prevent conflicts with other libraries.
    Type of variables used:

    • root – which can be accessed whenever CSS is being loaded.
    • components variables– these variables are used as local variables in particular components.
  3. Enhanced Grid system: Changes in the Grid system are:
    • The gutter class (.gutter) has been replaced with a utility (.g*) much like the margin and padding.
    • Vertical spacing classes have also been included in this version.
    • The position: relative CSS no longer defaults in the columns.
  4. Enhanced Form Controls: The older versions of Bootstrap was using custom form controls in addition to the defaults provided by each browser. But in the new one, these are all now customized. All the radio buttons, checkboxes, files, ranges, and more give them the same look and behavior across different browsers. The new form controls no longer contain unnecessary colorful markup, but instead focus on the standard and logical design features.
  5. New Icon library: Bootstrap 5 now has its own open-source SVG icon library with 1300+ icons. The SVG images can be quickly scaled and implemented in many ways and styled with CSS.
  6. Introduces Utilities API: Bootstrap has added a ton of new utilities, including:
    • Added positioning utilities: top, right, bottom, and left with 0, 50%, and 100% values.
    • Added .d-grid option, along with new gap utilities for easy grid layouts.
    • Added .fs utilities for font-size.
    • Renamed font-weight utilities to .fw.
    • Added .rounded-1, .rounded-2, and .rounded-3 for new small, medium, and large border-radius utilities.
    • Added .overflow-visible and .overflow-scroll utilities.

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