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Microsoft Windows and its Certification for non-IT professionals

Introduction -Microsoft Windows and its Certification

Microsoft Windows is one of the best-operating systems used in offices and home pc. Windows operating system from Microsoft is very easy to operate and can be operated by anyone who has some knowledge of Windows. Microsoft Windows is a group of several graphical operating system families which are developed, marketed and sold by Microsoft. Windows provides ready-made solutions that can be implemented by just about anyone who has ever used a pc. Because of a large amount of Microsoft Windows users, there is a much larger range of available software programs, utilities and games for Windows as compared to other operating systems.


Benefits of Microsoft Windows

Undoubtedly, Microsoft Windows have paved their way for the computing world. Getting certified in Microsoft Windows will surely make a difference in a person’s profile. There are some end-user characteristics that make it must have a component in your work or home pc.

  • Compatibility
    When it comes to talking about Microsoft Window, all applications work and in simpler terms, many companies use different programs on windows. Microsoft has implemented many changes throughout its versions of Windows to facilitate ease of use for end-user. While it may arguably not be the easiest operating system, it is still less difficult to use than Linux, Although Windows has some software programs, utilities, and games for free. Microsoft Windows has a very large user base, most hardware manufacturers support Windows drivers for their products. 
  • Lower Hardware Requirement
    These days, a lower end pc is enough to run the latest version of Windows making it more suitable for any type of computer either it is a work-station or home desktop. This makes it more versatile to every application that can be run on this platform. There is a huge variety of software available for Windows that can be run on lower-end desktops. This is a result of Microsoft’s dominance of the world market for PC computer operating systems and office software.
  • Speed
    As Microsoft rolls out updates very often, it helps the operating system to maintain its performance very good. Microsoft provides solutions to every error encountered by the user because it has HELP icon embedded on every tab and application which can be used to solve any issue or errors. This is one of the most useful features of windows that Microsoft has been working on.
  • Search and Organization
    After Windows had become the world’s most favorite desktop operating system. Internet Explorer (IE) became the world’s most famous web browser, IE is only available for Windows. It has created Windows the only choice for those who want to take full advantage of those websites that use Microsoft’s technology, Windows has compatibility with MS driven websites. Along with Internet Explorer, many other internet browsers programs can be installed in this OS, thanks to its compatibility with all the major software available these days.


Benefits of Microsoft Windows Certification

With the benefits of Microsoft Windows comes the advantages of Microsoft Windows Certification. Microsoft Windows is the most used operating system in workplaces and at homes. Getting certificated in Microsoft Windows will have great importance in a person’s career as well as their daily life. There are some advantages of Certification in Microsoft Windows mentioned below.

  • Increasing Employability
    One of the most obvious reasons for a person to get certified in Microsoft Windows is that it improves their chances of getting a better job opportunity. Even getting a beginners certification in windows gives the student better possibilities.
  • Promotions in Job
    Another benefit of gaining Microsoft Windows certification is improving an employee’s potential to advance within the present job or business. Employees working with a company for some time on a post that doesn’t need any knowledge of Windows can take over a post that requires some basic understanding of Microsoft Windows after getting certified.
  • Flexibility
    Getting certification in Microsoft windows will help you to use any version of windows either it is Windows XP or Windows 10. Certifications help in keeping our knowledge up to date and stay in touch with the latest technological advancements.
  • Increased Wages
    The most important benefit of Windows Certification is increased productivity. If a person is not able to use a windows OS fluently, then the knowledge he justifies in Windows Certification can help him increase the amount of work he can get done over this operating system.
  • Accuracy
    These days, computers are used all over the world and the most used operating system in these computers is Microsoft Windows. Having knowledge of windows will help them in using the same and working on computers means highly accurate results. Computers being machines provide highly accurate calculations and answers. Computers can only be used if one has some knowledge of the operating system used in computers.

A Microsoft Windows Certified Expert has great advantages over those who are not certified. This is the main reason why we should get certified in Microsoft Windows so we could use it throughout our career and in personal life.


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