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Drag and Drop in Datatables

Drag and Drop in Datatables

Here we will see how we can implement drag and drop features using the data tables.
First of all, we will need to include the CDNs for the data table –

Now we will create a table –

<table id="contents" class="featured_category_display_order_table">

Now we will convert this simple table into a datatable using the jquery functions that are provided by the datatable CDNs –

var featured_category_display_order_table = $('.featured_category_display_order_table').DataTable( {
selector: 'tr',
update: true
columnDefs: [
{ orderable: true, className: 'reorder', targets: '_all' },
{ orderable: false, targets: '_all' }
], } );

Here we are using another attribute rowReorder to enable the reorder of the rows.
Now we will use the row-reorder action of the data table to perform some action when we reorder the rows of the table.


drag and drop

Here I moved the Project Management from 1st place to 3rd and below is the data in the diff[i]. It indicates the new and old position of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd row.

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