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branch in Git

How to Create a Branch in Git

Git checkout is the process to switch between different branches. Checking out a branch updates the files and commits in the directory by matching the branch on the repo.

How to create a branch

The best way to create a branch in Git is that, create a feature branch ( feature branch is the name of a task that are you working on like TD-101-TASKNAME ) from the master branch. The Master branch has a stable code.

  1. Create a feature branch from the master branch
  2. Publish the branch after completing the task.
  3. Merge that feature branch to the dev, staging, and production server branch.

The main reason to create a branch in Git from the master is the stability of the branch.

  1. Don’t write code for more than one task in the same branch.
  2. Don’t create a branch name on your name.

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