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How to install and configure ReactJS

The first step in installing React on our local system is to install NodeJs and npm.

Setup Nodejs

Node.js provides a runtime environment for JavaScript code to be executed outside of a browser. NPM, the Node package manager, is used to organize and share React and Angular packages.
NPM will be installed in addition to Nodejs. Node.js may be downloaded and installed directly from the NodeJs website.
Once the Node installation is complete. We may check the version by opening Node.Js Command Prompt.

Install Create-React-App Tool

The next step is to use NPM to install the utility create-react-app. This tool allows us to simply construct react apps from our system. This may be installed at the system or folder level. We will use the following command to install it globally.

npm install -g create-react-app

Creating a new react project

We can now develop our first react application after installing create-react-app. Assume I want to make a project or application in D/React Programs. I’ll make this folder and use the change directory command to point our command prompt to it.
Let’s create a new Project now using the command.

create-react-app test-project

Running the React Application

Let’s do CD to the Project we have created and run it locally on our system using npm start. Launch the browser and visit http://localhost:3000. We can then see our first React Application response in the browser.

cd test-project
npm start

We have created a New Project using React and executed the Project.
However, as developers, we are more interested in learning about the Project that has been built, its structure, and how we might experiment with it. So it’s time to select an editor. When it comes to IDEs, we have several options, including VS Code, React IDE, Sublime Editor, Atom Editor, Webstorm, and a few more. As our editor, we will use VS Code.

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