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laravel on windows

How to install Laravel on Windows 10?

Below are the steps for installing Laravel and setup of laravel on Windows 10 using Xampp:

1. Install Xampp: Xampp is a free and easy to install apache distribution containing PHP and

Here is the link to install Xampp:
If you are using an operating system with 64-bit architecture then download and install Xampp
from this link

If you are using an operating system with 32- bit architecture then download and install Xampp from these links

  • Windows XAMPP 7.3.2 (32-bit)
  • Windows XAMPP 5.6 (32-bit)

Download the latest version.
Below are some of the screenshots of the installation process.
laravel on windows 1

laravel on windows 2

laravel on windows 3

2. Now start Apache and MySQL as shown below:

3. Install Composer – We need to install a composer before installing laravel because it is an application-level package manager.
Download composer-setup.exe file from this link and install it:

4. Install laravel – Install laravel on Windows system using the composer. For this run the below command in the command prompt

composer global require “laravel/installer”

5. Creating a new application – After successful installation, we can create a new app with this command

composer create-project –prefer-dist laravel/laravel NewProject1

6. Create a database – Create a database for your project in your MySQL server using PHPMyAdmin.

  • Open the link below. http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  • Now Enter username and password (As a default, the username will be root password will be empty).
  • Click on the New tab
  • Enter a database name and then create the database

7. Modify ENV file – Goto the .env file inside the root file of your project and add database details as shown below:
DB_DATABASE=(The database name you created earlier – new_project_db)
DB_USERNAME=(Your MySQL username. Default: root)
DB_PASSWORD=(Your Mysql password. As a default, blank)

laravel on windows 5

8. Import database – You can import the database if you have any previous backup.

9. Running the application – Type the below command to run the application
PHP artisan serve
After this home page of the application will open in a new tab with URL
http://localhost:8000 (default port)
If user wants to use some other port to run the application then the user can type the below command for this:
PHP artisan serve –port=9000
This will open our application in port 9000

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