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How to score high in exams – Some Tips

What are the best ways to score good marks in exams?

This article is about how to score good marks in exams, which means you are trying to get a good place in the merit list, like in the top 10. Important points are discussed below to achieve this goal.

  1. Time Management – Daily Routine


    Time is the most precious thing you have. You need to utilize it properly. Make a schedule of your daily routine and provide maximum time for your study. A student isn’t pressurized for earning and other family matters. So the student should give maximum time to the study.

    A sample timetable for students:

    • Your daily routine must be like, wake up at 4 am, take 15 mins to be fresh, and have a cup of tea/coffee. Then open your book and study until 7 O’clock.
    • Then go for a morning walk, take your breakfast by 8 O’clock.
    • After breakfast, start your study. Don’t study for more than 2 hours continuously, take 15 mins to break in between. Study till 6 pm.
    • In the evening around 6.10, you may want to meet your friends or do physical activities.
    • Then around 7 start your study again. Have your dinner around 8 pm. After your dinner, like around 8.30, you need to revise all the things you read the whole day.
    • Create the schedule for the next day and sleep by 11.00 pm.
  2. Taking a Healthy Diet


    Healthy Food, water, and juice are high in energy which helps your brain to relax fast and also helps in remembering what you study. Regularly drink water. Good food will assist you to concentrate on your study and to be physically strong. A healthy body has a healthy mind.

  3. Doing Meditation


    Make a hobby of doing meditation. First 2-weeks you’ll feel it useless but once you’ll realize the advantages of meditation, you will become habitual of it. you will be focused on your study. Regularly do meditation for a half-hour at a peaceful place and see the result.

  4. Take A Nap & Sleep Well


    Rest gives us pleasure and one of the foremost enjoyable things is sleeping while you’re tired. Students should take a nap or break between study periods. Don’t study continuously for over 2 hours. Take a 10-15 minutes break between your studies, it will help you to remember what you have learned. Sleeping less is not good for health and you may have to pay for it if you are doing so. Take a full 6 hours of sleep and this relaxation assists you to get good marks.

  5. Challenge Yourself

    Set a target for yourself, for doing things better with time. Continue to raise the bar for yourself to score high in the final exams. You will not succeed until you’ve not made an ambition to chase. Increase your performance day by day and this can only happen once you will regularly study and follow these steps.

  6. Find Your Weakness

    This is important from the perspective of exams, that you should make a note of your weakness either it’s a subject or a chapter or a topic. Let’s suppose, you’re weak in maths. It scares you and you ignore as much as you can. But stop ignoring such a topic because out of all the subjects you have there’ll be at least one subject or a chapter which is hard for you, but you need to master that as well. So, find your weak point and work on it, hard work will pay off.

  7. Plan Your Study – Make Important Notes


    Create your study plan and include each subject without leaving anyone. Each day study a particular subject and revise it. Revision is a very important thing, learn today and revise tomorrow. This key will cause you to succeed and assist you to attain well in the exam. Don’t forget scoring subjects and straightforward subjects. Sometimes students are overconfident about some subjects.

  8. Your Handwriting and clean Answer sheet will always help


    Good handwriting gives us bonus points, whether we are in college or school. Examiners are always impressed with those answer sheets which are clean because they don’t have to put extra effort to understand our handwriting. So, make your handwriting better so that the examiner won’t cut your marks for silly reasons. It’s all about impressing the examiner, so one among the simplest ways is to impress him/her with a neat and clean answer sheet and clean diagrams.

  9. Group Study Will Help


    It will assist you if you’re studying in a group. Nobody is ideal and nobody knows everything. so describe your answer together with your friends and listen to their answer too. Then you’ll come to understand what was wrong and what’s right. Note your mistakes and keep them in your mind. Improve your answer if you discover you missed anything while answering. Watch the video for that topic which isn’t clear to you. Audio, video and infographics will assist you a lot.

  10. Teaching Others


    Separate a day from your daily routine and keep company with your friends, teach them what you learned. This one is a good method to revise and memorize. Your concept will be more clear when you will teach any other. If anybody is not listening to you, ask him/her for sitting and hearing from you. This will assist you and him/her also. If you find nobody is around you and you can’t teach anybody then sit in front of a mirror and try to teach yourself within the mirror.

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