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How to manage time efficiently?


As we all know time is the only resource that we never get back so it is the most valuable resource that we have. And it is equally distributed to everyone i.e. 24 hours a day. Also, some people complain that they are not having any time because of a full-time job, others manage to have a full-time job, do regular sports, build a side-hustle, and regularly self-educate themselves.

We all have the time we just need to manage it properly.

  1. Adopt the SMART method….

    The goals that we set should be measurable and achievable. While setting the goals we should adopt the SMART method. The goals that are set by us must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

  2. Follow the Urgent/Important principle….

    We should set the priorities of the daily tasks on the basis of their urgency and importance.

    • The tasks that are important and urgent should be done as soon as possible.
    • We should decide when to do these tasks that are important but not urgent that do not require immediate attention.
    • Tasks that require immediate attention but not important that do not contribute to achieving your goals must be delegated.
    • We should aside the tasks to do later that are not urgent and not important.
  3. Define a time limit for each task….

    The time limit we define or set for our tasks must be small enough that it should be manageable but large enough so that we can get something done. Defining time limits helps us to be more focused and efficient.

  4. Having a well-scheduled break time….

    An effective way that helps us to stay productive all day is taking regular breaks while working. But when we start taking too many breaks it leads to the management risk. To avoid this risk we should have a well-scheduled break time. It’s not possible for anyone to achieve a long task in one go, so we need a break, some relaxation time, and then go back again to your work with a fresh mind.

  5. Say no to multitasking….

    To manage your time efficiently and to achieve the desired goal on time or before the deadline say no to multitasking. We cannot do two things simultaneously. Multitasking results in less productivity or poor productivity as our mind jumps from one task to another and is not able to focus on one task properly. So instead of multitasking, try monotasking. Keep your focus on one task at a time and this will help us to reach peak productivity and efficient results.

  6. Leveraging your time….

    Leveraging means to utilize your spare time. With the help of this, you are able to generate new ideas and educate yourself.

  7. Remove distractions….

    Any kind of distraction while working leads to no productivity and there is no chance to work efficiently. Removing these distractions will lead you to work efficiently and gain high productivity.

  8. Find your productivity peaks….

    As we all are not able to be 100% focused and efficient throughout the day. So we have to find out our peak productivity times throughout the day. Once we find out our peak productivity hours we can schedule our task according to this and work more efficiently.
    Put your important and urgent tasks into these productivity fields. And in those hours in which you don’t feel productive, you can take a break for some time and then do those tasks that are least important.

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