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SS Career Counseling

Introduction to Career Counseling Features of StudySection

StudySection Career Counseling

Before proceeding to the Career counseling feature, What is StudySection?

  • StudySection is an online platform to get eCertification in your favourite subject including Software Development, Quality Assurance, Business Administration, Project Management, English, Aptitude, and more.
  • In addition to these features, there are also some other useful features like Career counseling, Olympiad Exams, Blog posts by experts, etc.

Career counseling feature of StudySection:

StudySection provides Free Personalized Career Counseling for Students, Working and Non-working People of any age group who need assessment of their circumstances, qualification, and other personal factors to suggest the best possible career path for them. Career counseling is divided into three parts according to a user’s needs.

  1. Free Career counseling: Free Career counseling is a feature of StudySection. For free career counseling, a user can opt between three options:

    1. I want a job,
    2. I am working but want to change job or stream,
    3. I want to study further.

    Based on the options chosen by a user, the StudySection shows career choices added by professionals.
    For example:

    • If a user wants a job, StudySection asks for qualifications and then based on the qualifications it shows career choices that users can make. If a user wants a job and is still pursuing the education below graduation, StudySection shows certification courses a user can choose to get a job faster.
    • If a user wants a job and is a graduate, StudySection asks for specialization in any particular subject and then the user can add experience and interest in that field. Based on the information a user enters, it shows the best career choice for them.
  2. Grade 9 / 10 / 11 counseling: If a student from grade 9,10 or 11 is facing issues regarding what to opt to make a good start with career, StudySection provides easy counseling so the students can get to know about themselves better. A test will be taken and then the assessment will be given to them based on their score. The way this test is conducted includes 6 different subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Bio, Aptitude, English), 48 questions will be asked from students that are 8 questions per subject and will be displayed within the same test. Score out of 48 will be prepared for the student and scores in each subject will be displayed for the student. After the counseling session is over, students will get an email which includes the test results along with the PDF form of the results.

  3. Personalized Counseling: Personalised counseling from StudySection offers a paid counseling session with experts over skype or phone call. This session focuses on a user’s strengths, weakness, favorite subjects, current job status, etc. to determine the best career choice. Also, a user can clear all the doubts regarding the career as personalized counseling offers a session for one hour.

    • Email-based analysis and career counseling
    • Face to Face Session (Skype or Phone call)
  1. Email-based analysis and career counseling:
    In Email based analysis and career counseling, users need to fill up a form with maximum details like strengths, weakness, favorite subjects, current job status, etc. so the StudySection team can analyze the case and a detailed report is submitted to the user’s email within 48hours. Also, the user gets an opportunity to interact with StudySection experts after getting the report, to ask an additional maximum of 5 questions free of cost. Email based analysis and career counseling is a paid feature which costs around USD16 or INR600.
  2. Face to Face Session (Skype or Phone call):
    In face to face sessions by StudySection, a user needs to fill up a form with maximum details like strengths, weaknesses, favorite subjects, current job status, etc. so the StudySection team can analyze the case and by the time scheduled for the session, experts are fully prepared. The session is scheduled over a phone call or skype, whatever the user prefers. This session can be arranged in English or Hindi only. This session is arranged for a maximum of 60 minutes, is an interactive session, the user can explain in detail to clear all the doubts regarding the career and the experts can provide the best option based on the details. After this session, users also get the opportunity to interact with experts at StudySection to ask a maximum of 5 questions free of cost by email. A skype or phone call session is a paid feature that costs around USD50 or INR1500 for 60 minutes.

If you have skills in PHP programming and you want to enhance your career in this field, a PHP certification from StudySection can help you reach your desired goals. Both beginner level and expert level PHP certification exams are offered by StudySection along with other programming certification exams.

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