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Laravel camelcase json Response

You all know that the naming convention for database fields should be in the snake_case format. Hence, fetching the data from the database will also result in the snake_case format. So, if you want to get data in camelCase format for your json response, Laravel provides a library called grohiro/laravel-camelcase-json.By using this library, you don’t have to make any changes to your model class or any database queries. Steps to use this library are given below:


$ composer require 'grohiro/laravel-camelcase-json'
Add the service provider.
provider' => [
// default providers
// ...

In your controller class:
return response()->json($model);
// => ['userName' => 'foo', 'userKey' => 'bar', ...] All the database fields which are in snake case format will result as camelcase.

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