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In this blog post, We will discuss Mock Server and how we can use the Mock Server.
Mock Server is a fake test server that is similar to a real server by which Users can test their APIs and APIs responses.
While API testing, a Mock Server is used when specific responses are required to be received that are not performed on the real system due to security issues.

Type of Mock Server:

  • Private mock server
  • Public mock server
  1. Private mock server
    A private mock server cannot be accessed by everyone. It can be accessed by your teammates by using API keys in the request header x-api-key
  2. Public mock server
    Public mock Servers are publically accessible mock servers these servers are open for all the users. Users can consume the mock server without any key.

Benefits of Postman Mock server

  • To check your own API response during development.
  • To get faster reviews and bugs.
  • Any type of request can be made into the public mock server, without any authentication.
  • We can test the dependencies inside the API until they are open to everyone.
  • Front-end developers can use these end points until actual endpoints become available.
  • A mock server is also used by engineers to create a prototype.

Any System that is integrated via HTTP or HTTPS can be used as MockServer
Here are some examples of Mock server requests.

  • It will return a specific response when a request matches per expectation
  • It will forward a request when the request matches an expectation. It is also known as a dynamic port forwarding proxy
  • It will execute a callback function when a request matches an expectation, This also allows the user to be created a response dynamically.
  • It will return an invalid response or either close the connection when a request matches an expectation.
  • It will verify requests have been sent.
  • This is used to retrieve logs, requests, or expectations to help debug

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