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React Native vs Flutter

To create mobile applications, two technologies namely React Native and Flutter are getting a lot of attention. Because they both allow users to create a cross-platform application with a single code and they are open-source too.

React Native:

React Native is created by Facebook. It is a JavaScript framework that gives the capability to web developers to write mobile application code that looks and feels truly ‘native’. It currently supports both iOS and Android but it has the potential to expand in the future.


Flutter is Google’s UI framework released in 2017. It’s the newest framework that has become one of the most popular frameworks. It is used to build applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Fuchsia and the web.

React Native Flutter
Programming Language Javascript
React Native is written completely in JavaScript using React. So, finding developers to code in this technology is an easy task because it is familiar to all JavaScript developers.
Dart is a good programming language but it does not have the popularity that JavaScript has. A developer needs to learn Dart before sailing the Flutter boat.
Hot Reload Supported Supported
Learning Curve Easy, especially if you have used React or Javascript before. Quite steep.
Performance React Native performs less than Flutter. This could be because it does have a JavaScript bridge to interact with native components. Flutter performs better than React Native. Dart code is compiled to native machine code directly.
What is Trending? It has been around for many years now and several people are already working on it. Flutter is only a year old and so it’s popularity is less.
Job Prospects It leads to better job prospects. Flutter is still new and upcoming, and a few years down the lane there may be a demand for Flutter developers.
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