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Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver API

Selenium WebDriver API enables interaction between browsers and browser drivers.

  1. Selenium RC
  2. Important terms to understand the Selenium RC working
  3. Selenium RC Architecture and working

Selenium RC: Selenium Remote Control, is a popular UI automation library that allows testers and developers to automate their interaction with Web applications under test (WAUT) by providing them with the necessary libraries, supported in multiple languages, to program.

Important terms to understand the RC working in Selenium WebDriver API:

  • WAUT: Web Application under Test
  • Selenium Core: Selenium RC chose to use generic JavaScript to drive the WAUT on a browser called Selenium Core. Generic JavaScript is not allowed by the browser to execute on a website that is coming from a different domain. Every website has its own Javascript. Selenium RC acts as a Proxy server. When the Test Script asks to launch a browser, the Selenium RC server launches the browser and injects its Javascript into the browser. All subsequent requests for the WAUT go through the Selenium RC (Acting as HTTP Proxy Server) to the actual Web server hosting WAUT
  • Selenese: The commands which are passed from the Test scripts to Selenium WebDriver RC are named Selenese. In a test script, you will have a set of Selenese commands to test the scenario on the WAUT

How Selenium RC work:

  • A tester can command Selenium RC Server to perform certain actions on the WAUT on certain browsers by his/her own script
  • The user can command Selenium RC to perform something by using the client libraries provided by Selenium RC. These libraries are provided by different languages such as Java, Ruby, Php, etc.
  • As the Selenium RC Server receives the commands from the test script, it will launch the test script on the preferred browser. And when launching the Selenium RC Server injects the Selenium Core (generic javascript into the browser)
    Selenium script
  • Upon loading on the browser, Selenium core executes on the selenese, commands from the Test Scripts that come through Selenium RC, against the WAUT. The browser does not restrict it because it treats Selenium core and WAUT as a part of the same domain.
  • Now comes the HTTP Proxy part of the Selenium RC Server. All the requests and responses of the browser for WAUT go to the actual Web Server via Selenium RC Server, because the browser thinks Selenium is serving WAUT.

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