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Selenium Standalone Server


Selenium Standalone server, it is a java jar file which is used to start the Remote Selenium Server. It helps to run the multiple tests across the different browsers, operating systems, and machines concurrently. Without Selenium standalone-server, tests could not be performed. Selenium Jar is a group of API’s rolled into one jar for different languages (Java, Python, C#, Javascript, etc.)

To use the Selenium Grid, we can download the selenium standalone server jar file. It helps to perform the testing without any need for specific jar files because the latest version of the Selenium standalone server contains both client-side and server-side binding for running the selenium tests on the local and remote machine.

Selenium server can be downloaded from legitimate Selenium Website “” or use the command line: java – jar selenium-server-standalone-3.11.0.jar

A few Advantages of selenium standalone server:

  1. Selenium standalone server permits to disseminate tests over remote machines.
  2. Can perform automation testing on different Operating systems, machines and browsers with different versions of browsers
  3. No requirement of outer drivers, A single server can play out all undertakings.

Selenium Server is required to run older selenium RC tests or to run WebDriver tests in remote machines through selenium Grid. Selenium web driver is a software framework for the web which is used to carry out automation testing of various web-applications against various browsers. It also allows you to use a programming language in creating the test scripts. However, there is no need for Selenium Server JAR for conducting local tests in Selenium WebDriver. It is needed only for remote tests using Grid.

A few Advantages of Selenium Server:

  1. In-built test report of executed test cases
  2. Cross-browser testing of a website on different browsers
  3. Control browser at Operating system level

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