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Top Ten Test Automation Frameworks

We are moving toward the future where everything is advanced, autonomous, fast, and efficient. To match the pace of this system, application delivery should be accelerated but not at the cost of quality.

A test automation framework provides an execution environment for the automation test scripts.

Top Ten Test Automation Frameworks are as follows:

  1. Robot Framework: The robot framework is best if you want to use the python framework for your test automation process. The robot framework is python based. The Robot Framework uses a keyword-driven approach. Robot Framework can also test MongoDB, FTP, Android, etc. It has many test libraries, it also contains the selenium webdriver library and more other useful tools.
  2. WebDriverIO: WebDriverIO is an automation framework based on Node.js. It has an integrated test runner and you can run automation tests for web applications and mobile apps. It is efficient for both selenium webdriver based cross-browser testing and for chromium-based automation.
  3. Citrus: Citrus is an open-source framework, with the help of which you can automate the integration tests for any messaging protocol or data format. For any type of messaging transport such as REST, HTTP, SOAP, or JMS, the Citrus framework will be suited for test messaging integration. If you need to interact with a UI and then verify a back-end process, you can integrate Citrus with Selenium. For example, if you have to click on a “send email” button and verify on the back end that the email was received, Citrus can receive this email and verify the back-end results, all in one test.
  4. Cypress: Cypress is the best automation test framework for developers that makes test-driven development (TDD) a reality for developers. Its design principle makes the entire end-to-end testing experience pleasant and simple. cypress architecture is different from selenium webdriver, while selenium webdriver runs outside the browser, ad cypress runs inside the browser. Cypress can synchronously inform you of every single thing that happens inside the browser.
  5. Selenium: Selenium is one of the most popular open-source automation test frameworks for web apps. Selenium supports a variety of programming languages such as PHP, C#, Python, Ruby, etc. Selenium is the base for many testing tools as it supports cross platforms and cross-browser functionality. Selenium is highly extendable through the varieties of libraries and APIs to meet the requirement and needs of the users. Selenium is mostly the preferred framework by testers because with this framework they can write any complex scripts to meet the different levels of complexity.
  6. Cucumber: Cucumber is a cross-platform behavior-driven development tool that is used to write acceptance tests for web applications. Cucumber is easy to set up the execution and it also allows reusability of code in tests. It supports multiple languages like PHP, perl,.net, python, scala and groovy, etc. There is one good feature in this framework is that both specification and test documentation are uploaded into a single updated document. Cucumber makes it easy for business stakeholders who are not familiar with testing also to read the code as test reports are written in readable business English.
  7. Gauge: Gauge is an open-source framework for mac, Linux, and windows. Gauge automation tests are written using markdown language with c#, java, and ruby within your IDEs visual studio and eclipse. Gauge’s functionality can also be extended with the support of plugins.
  8. Serenity: if you are looking for a java based framework that can integrate with a behavior-driven development tool then serenity is the best tool for you. It’s designed to make writing acceptance and regression tests easier.
  9. Carina: Carina is constructed using popular open-source solutions like Appium, TestNG, and Selenium. You can test mobile applications, WEB applications, REST services, and databases. Carina framework supports multiple types of databases like MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL.
  10. EarlGray: Developers often face difficulty with some of the latest test automation frameworks in synchronization of the app and the instrumentation. Google EarlGrey has built-in synchronization that makes test scripts wait for UI events to occur before the script tries to interact with the user interface. This type of implementation makes the test script to the point as all steps of the test script shows how the test will proceed and UI gets synchronized with it.

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