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Selenium Architecture

Selenium Webdriver Architecture

There are few concepts that we need to understand about Selenium Architecture

  1. Language Binding or Selenium ClienLibrary
  2. Selenium API
  3. Remote WebDriver
  4. JSON Wired Protocol
  5. WebDriver
  1. Language Binding or Selenium ClienLibrary: It is a JAR file. The language in which your write your Selenium Framework ie. language that’s used to write the Scripts. Like: Java, C#, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python.
  2. Selenium API: API means, An Application Programming Interface
    Definition: API is a particular set of Rules (Code) and specifications that software programs can follow to communicate with each other. It servers as an Interface between software programs and facilitates their interaction, similarly to the way the user interface facilitates interaction between human and computer.

    • An API Is a Software to Software Interaction, not a User Interface.
    • With API’s applications communicate with each other without any user knowledge.
  3. Remote WebDriver: Remote WebDriver is an Implementation Class of the Webdriver Interface that a test Script Developer can use to execute their Test Script via the Remote WebDriver Server or Remote Machine.
    There are two parts of Remote WebDrvier

    • A Server
    • A Client
  4. JSON Wired Protocol: JSON means JavaScript Object Notation.
    • JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format
    • It is a syntax for storing and exchanging data
    • It is used primarily to transfer the data between a server and a client on the Web
    • It is very much an alternative to XML
    • A simple JSON file has JSON Extension
    • JSON Wired Protocol sends the data in JSON format. The server firstly, parse the data and then execute the data. The response given back to the Server was sent back to the client in JSON format.
    • The Process of converting an object’s data to JSON format and JSON format to an object is named serialization and de-sterilization respectively.
    • Our Webserver uses the same approach to communicate between client libraries and drivers such as Firefox, IE Driver, etc.
  5. WebDriver: Webdriver is a tool for automating Web Application Testing, in particular, to verify that they work as expected.
    Different Browser Drivers are:

    • Firefox Driver
    • Internet Explorer Driver
    • Chrome Driver
    • Opera Driver
    • Safari Driver

    Diagram of Webdriver Architecture:

    How Selenium Webdriver Architecture Working:

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