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What is a Personal Trainer?


A personal trainer is a person who has a degree and knowledge of fitness. A trainer always motivates his/her client by setting the different goals for the exercise. A personal trainer is always helpful to make a person fit. Trainers first measure his/her client’s strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments. Along with the workout, the trainer also gives education for wellbeing and nourishment rules. In case, if the client has a medical condition then a good trainer prevents the client to participate in any exercise and must refer the client to take proper health professionals for prior clearance.

    Here are the qualities that a personal trainer should have:

  1. Patience and Honesty

    A person cannot become fit overnight, so the client and trainer both have patience because patience is the key to success. The trainer should always be clear to the client and not give the false promise. He should tell that it may take time and always motivates his/her client.

  2. Great communication with the client

    A trainer should always a good communicator. When he/she is talking about the technical part of the workout, he/she has to know that perfectly. Communication is a two-way street, the trainers should encourage his/her client and try their best to make their client feel comfortable enough to say honest thoughts.

  3. Professionalism

    This means that sessions should not be compromised by hours of story-telling or, routines made more relaxed because both of you became good friends. At the same time, trainers should be fair in case of fees and charges. The term of your instructional course, the area and the experience level of your fitness coach will direct the expense of your meeting.

  4. Well-Trained and Educated

    A trainer should have proper knowledge about all the exercises and other required things. He/She always guide the client to do the proper exercise and in which way the client has to do the exercises. Regardless great personal trainers always take it as their personal responsibility to stay up-to-date with the latest fitness trends and new research published in scientific journals and continue efforts of improving themselves—physically and mentally.

  5. Great personality

    This means the instructor needs to pay identical time to all of the customers. He/She always make their customers relaxed and also should be sincere to their clients. In all honesty, fitness coaches are one of only a handful of people that will see you at your absolute bottom, that is the time when you should awaken and drag yourself toward the best in you.

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