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What is codeless testing and what are its advantages?

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Codeless testing is a type of automated testing that does not require the tester to write code.
When there were no tools for codeless testing, the terms “Record and Playback” and “Codeless” were interchanged. However, several automated testing products are now available on the market that truly provides this type of testing.

The following are some of the advantages of codeless testing:

  1. Low Learning Curve: Test cases can be produced with this testing even if the user has no prior experience with coding or programming languages. As a result, learning and generating test cases takes little time for the user.
  2. Easy to Review: These test cases are legible and clear for those who do not know how to code because they are built without any code. As a result, even non-technical stakeholders in a project can readily review these test cases.
  3. Efficient: Because the learning curve is slow and test case generation does not require sophisticated syntax, test case creation is quick and improves the automation process’ efficiency.
  4. Saves resources: With this testing, testers don’t have to learn new languages, and they don’t have to hire a new individual with coding abilities. Time and resources can all be saved this way.

Why Should You Consider Codeless Automated Testing?

Although codeless automated testing is not fully code-free, there are several reasons why you should consider including it in your software testing process.

  • Codeless testing allows for quick testing with minimum effort on the part of the team.
  • Test coverage is increased with codeless automation test technologies.
  • Even the most complex test scripts are simple to update and maintain with codeless automation.
  • Codeless testing is a simple approach to automate a test scenario without having to write any code.
  • A user-friendly interface is available for this testing.
  • The cost of this testing is low.

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