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What is Google Analytics Certification?

Introduction to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital analytics tools that allow you to track websites, blogs, and social networks. It is Google’s free web analytics service that provides you in-depth detail about the visitors on your website. Nowadays, most of the businesses have an online presence through their websites. Therefore it becomes crucial for a business owner to learn the inner structure of his/her website to see whether it is achieving its purpose or not.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that offers more data and metrics than any other.

It works on various elements and javascript code and provides the following information about a website:

  1. Number of visits
  2. Their duration
  3. Sources of traffic
  4. Visited pages

It also works in the following sections:

  • Users preferred sections
  • Keywords used
  • Technical details of visitors’ devices.

Google Analytics Certification from StudySection

A Certification is designated credentials earned by an individual to verify his/her legitimacy and ability to perform a job. StudySection provides a series of certification exams to test your knowledge in various fields. All certifications from Studysection are recognized worldwide.

Google Analytics exam is one of the most popular online exams among candidates. This Google Analytics exam provided by Studysection tests your skills and proficiency in the field of expertise of Google Analytics. The Google Analytics certification is typically displayed as a document stating that as a professional, a person has been trained, educated, and is prepared to meet a specific set of criteria in this field.

Google Analytics certification is a confirmation to work efficiently in Google Analytics, provided by some form of external review, education, assessment, or audit. With this certification, a person can make the most of Google Analytics in his/her SEO strategy and leverage various reports, data points, and more to grow a business and also can improve the rankings in search results.

Some detail about the certification exam on StudySection

  • An individual is required to take and pass the exam to get a Google Analytics certification. StudySection offers both advanced and foundation level exams. These kinds of certification exams from StudySection requires preparation to be cleared. An individual has to select the level of certification exam according to his/her capabilities.
  • A candidate should take the exam, once he/she has prepared for the certification exam. The Google Analytics certification exam from StudySection is in the form of multiple-choice questions. These questions will cover almost all the topics from Google Analytics.
  • There may two or more right answers to some questions. To make the answer right, the candidate must select all the right choices.
  • If the candidate does not clear the exam in his/her first attempt, the exam can be retaken any number of times.

Is Google Analytics certification from StudySection worth?

If you pass the test, you will receive an e-certificate and a certification badge. This certification can be added to your website or resume. The Google Analytics certification from StudySection is well worth your time. With this certification exam, an individual may pick up plenty of useful analytic knowledge that may help him/her understand Google Analytics better.

By giving this certification exam, an individual can gain in-depth insight into Google Analytics, which may help the candidate better understand his/her website data. In addition, this certification allows the candidate to become a qualified web analyst that makes him/her superior among the competing candidates in the same field.

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