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PIP in python

About PIP in Python

PIP is a standard python command for package management systems, this is used to install, upgrade, and uninstall the software packages that are written in python. PIP package manager is similar to another tool that comes with another language. You might be familiar with them as JavaScript uses npm, Dot Net uses NuGet, and Ruby uses the gem package manager. In python, PIP comes up with a python installer in current versions. To verify the PIP availability use this command on the command prompt –

For version

pip –version
pip 20.1.1 from c:\python38\lib\site-packages\pip (python 3.8)
The output will display the pip version as well as the python location. If pip is not installed or you are using the older version of python than you can download pip from the given link –
click here

Then navigate the pip location in your system and you can use the above command pip –version.
Use pip supported commands by using –help.

FOr help

pip help
output –

pip <command> [options] Commands:
install Install packages.
download Download packages.
uninstall Uninstall packages.
freeze Output installed packages in requirements format.
list List installed packages.
show Show information about installed packages.
check Verify installed packages have compatible
config Manage local and global configuration.
search Search PyPI for packages.
wheel Build wheels from your requirements.
hash Compute hashes of package archives.
completion A helper command used for command completion.
help Show help for commands.

General Options:
-h, --help Show help.
--isolated Run pip in an isolated mode, ignoring environment
variables and user configuration.
-v, --verbose Give more output. Option is additive, and can be
used up to 3 times.
-V, --version Show version and exit.
-q, --quiet Give less output. Option is additive, and can be
used up to 3 times (corresponding to WARNING,
ERROR, and CRITICAL logging levels).
--log <path> Path to a verbose appending log.
--proxy <proxy> Specify a proxy in the form
--retries <retries> Maximum number of retries each connection should
attempt (default 5 times).
--timeout <sec> Set the socket timeout (default 15 seconds).
--exists-action <action> Default action when a path already exists:
(s)witch, (i)gnore, (w)ipe, (b)ackup, (a)bort).
--trusted-host <hostname> Mark this host as trusted, even though it does
not have valid or any HTTPS.
--cert <path> Path to alternate CA bundle.
--client-cert <path> Path to SSL client certificate, a single file
containing the private key and the certificate in
PEM format.
--cache-dir <dir> Store the cache data in <dir>.
--no-cache-dir Disable the cache.
Don't periodically check PyPI to determine
whether a new version of pip is available for
download. Implied with --no-index.

Now there are so many pip commands to manage python packages, libraries and dependencies.

  • To install any python package
    pip install package_name
  • To uninstall the python package
    pip uninstall package_name

To see the installed package in the environment use –list

For list

pip list
Package Version
————- ——–
-ip 20.1.1
cairocffi 1.1.0
CairoSVG 2.4.2
cffi 1.14.3
cryptography 3.1.1
cssselect2 0.3.0
defusedxml 0.6.0
numpy 1.19.2
pdf2image 1.14.0
Pillow 7.2.0
pip 20.1.1
psutil 5.7.2
pycparser 2.20
PyPDF2 1.26.0
pytesseract 0.3.6
PyYAML 5.3.1
setuptools 47.1.0
six 1.15.0
tinycss2 1.0.2
webencodings 0.5.1
wheel 0.35.1
xmltodict 0.12.0

To upgrade pip command use –
python -m pip install –upgrade pip’ command
The -m switch used to run a module as an executable. This is necessary because, in order for you to update pip, the old version has to be uninstalled before installing the new version, and removing it while running the tool can cause errors.
You can use the metadata of any installed package by using –
pip show package_name

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