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How to do well in communication?

Communication is a way to connect with people which is the most important criterion for success with your family, friends, workplace, marketplace, and almost everywhere. Effective communication is the quality of being convincing or believable. There are several ways to improve communication – body language, research, and the relation between confidence and accuracy. These factors play a crucial role in providing credibility to a communicator.

Body Language

Everyone makes a judgment on our behavior- what we are doing, what our body is doing, the tone of the voice, etc. The primitive brain of the audience decides whether to approach us or avoid us based on our behavior. The personality traits and physical actions of the speaker like the postures, facial expressions, and gestures have a massive impact on the receivers. Making appropriate gestures plays a vital role in verbal communication as it creates a connection with the audience, which encourages them to listen to us. The speed of the speaker also matters in conveying a message, it should neither be very fast nor too slow. Moreover, we should not do actions like tapping a pen, rubbing eyes, giving a huge yawn which shows boredom while listening. Making eye contact with the speaker and asking questions in case of any doubt shows the interest of the person and builds a professional reputation.


We should research the topic we are going to talk about before going to speak on it. Having appropriate knowledge and understanding of the topic helps to boost confidence while speaking, which leads to trust. The audience wants to know whether what we are saying is factual or strictly opinion-based. Furthermore, one should have the skills to gather accurate information and then make it concise and organize it in a way understandable by the people. The proper evaluation of content is necessary before transferring the knowledge. We must be able to evaluate the quality of the information so that we deliver only high-quality information which could be beneficial for the listener.

Relationship between Confidence and Accuracy

Some of the previously conducted researches show a correlation between confidence and accuracy. The study indicates that we should show confidence only when we can prove the accuracy of our point, especially when we are in the decision making body of an organization because overconfidence can backfire leading to a loss in the trust and organization’s performance as well. People usually follow a person with more confidence rather than a person with low morale and high accuracy. Therefore, if we show confidence in something, then we are expected to be entirely accurate to maintain trust and credibility.

The above three strategies indicate that managers must have a good understanding, accuracy, confidence; moreover, they also need to relate their audience by using appropriate body language that could involve others while communicating. We can use these strategies to obtain professional growth by achieving trust and building desired relationships. Managers who adopt these above points in their workplace enjoy great leadership, due to which employees get motivated to put their best efforts to achieve company goals.

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