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How to get free certifications online?


A certification is typically displayed as a document stating that as a professional, an individual has been trained, educated, and is prepared to meet a specific set of criteria for a particular role. Certifications are designated credentials earned by a person to verify his/her legitimacy and ability to perform a job. StudySection offers a series of certification exams to test your knowledge in various fields. All certifications from StudySection are recognized worldwide.

What are online certifications?

Online certification is a great way for scholars to enhance their knowledge. Every year, thousands of students choose to pursue these types of online programs, that are available in a range of various fields. An online certification program allows students to obtain qualifications in a certain field without spending a lot of time that is required for a traditional degree. These online certifications also can help students to learn whenever they have free time by offering coursework, reading assignments, and other educational materials over the Internet. This makes it an excellent alternative for those students who wish to study outside of a physical classroom.

Additionally, an online certificate can provide an excellent foundation for further education. Online certifications act as ideal opportunities to achieve both professional and academic goals. To achieve these goals, StudySection provides a number of free certifications online exams in various fields. StudySection offers free certification exams along with some diploma certificate exams in Software Development, MS Office, Web Design, Graphic Design, English, Aptitude, Personal Development, Business Management, Programming languages, Accounting, and more. Take a visit to to get the benefit of free online certifications in concerned fields.

How to get free online certifications from StudySection?

A free certification online exam from StudySection is one of the best options available to judge yourself and getting a certification alongside. Candidates planning to take any certification exam can choose it from the ease and comfort of their homes or workplaces without disturbing their daily schedule.

Let’s take a look at the following points for earning free certifications online form StudySection:

  • At first, a candidate has to choose the subject in which he/she wants to get certified.
  • Most of the free certifications online exams from StudySection are categorized in advanced and foundation level exams. A candidate has to select the level of certification exam according to his/her capabilities.
  • These certifications exams aren’t the type of tests that can be passed without preparation. A candidate should take the exam, once he/she has prepared for the concerned subject certification exam.
  • All certification exam from StudySection is in the form of multiple-choice questions. These questions in respective certification exams will cover almost all the topics of a particular subject.
  • Candidates can retake the exam any number of times if he/she does not clear a particular exam in his/her first attempt.
  • Once you have passed the exam, you become able to download an e-certification and a certification badge.

Benefits of getting certified from StudySection

Obtaining professional online certifications from StudySection displays your devotion to your profession and provides confirmation that you’re well-trained and educated to effectively use the tools of your industry. Taking the time and effort to obtain these certifications enhance credibility, self-image, and encourage life-long learning and professional development. Free online certification programs benefit employers by providing measurable hiring and promotion qualifications for managers. Some advantages of becoming certified in a particular profession within a particular sector or company include:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Efficiency
  • Earning potential
  • Expand knowledge and skills
  • Enhances professional credibility
  • Preparing an individual for more job responsibilities
  • Improves career opportunities – promotion, job portability

If you have skills in PHP programming and you want to enhance your career in this field, a PHP certification from StudySection can help you reach your desired goals. Both beginner level and expert level PHP certification exams are offered by StudySection along with other programming certification exams.

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