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Some Popular University Ranking Systems

Ranking System for Universities

This is a system that provides ranking to various universities in the world. There are many ranking systems that exist to provide university ranking. But here is a list of the top Ranking Systems which are popular in the world and how the ranking is calculated.

Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)

  1. Percentage of the number of staff members who are selected for the alumni Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals: 10%
  2. Percentage of the number of staff members who win Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals: 20%
  3. Percentage of the number of highly cited researchers in 21 broad subject categories: 20%
  4. Percentage of the number of papers indexed in Science Citation Index-expanded and Social Sciences Citation Index: 20%
  5. Percentage of the per capita academic performance of an institution: 10%

Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking Systems:

  1. Teaching percentage: 30%
    1. Reputation survey: 15%
    2. Staff-to-student ratio: 4.5%
    3. Doctorate-to-bachelor’s ratio: 2.25%
    4. Doctorates-awarded-to-academic-staff ratio: 6%
    5. Institutional income: 2.25%
  2. Research: 30%
    1. Reputation survey: 18%
    2. Research income: 6%
    3. Research productivity: 6%
  3. Citations (influence of research): 30%
  4. International outlook: 7.5%
    1. The proportion of international students: 2.5%
    2. The proportion of international staff: 2.5%
    3. International collaboration: 2.5%
  5. Industry income: 2.5%

QS World University Systems:

  1. Academic reputation – 40%
  2. Faculty/Student Ratio – 20%
  3. Citations per faculty – 20%
  4. Employer reputation – 10%
  5. International faculty – 5%
  6. Student ratio – 5%

Nature Index Systems:

  1. Article count: a count of articles of an institution; if one or more authors of the article are from that institution.
  2. Fractional count: percentage of authors from a particular institution.

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