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The UI/UX Design provides a design-centric approach for interface and user experience design and offers practical, skill-based instruction around a clear communication perspective, rather than one focused on marketing or programming alone. The designer will review and explain all stages of the UI/UX development process, from user review to defining a project’s strategy, scope, and knowledge architecture, to unveiling sitemaps and wireframes. Designer will learn current best practices and conventions in UX design and apply them to form powerful and appealing screen-based experiences for websites or apps.

User interface and user experience designer is a high-demand field, but the skills and knowledge you’ll learn during this Specialization are applicable many kinds of career, from marketing to web designer to human-computer interaction.

How do I start?

  1. Clear yourself with UI principles.

    Before practising design, the primary thing a designer wishes to do is learn some design principles. From this, you’ll be ready to enter the planning world and begin thinking “creatively”. Here are some basic principles you must understand.

    1. Color
    2. Balance
    3. Contrast
    4. Typography
    5. Consistency
  2. Learn the creative UX process.

    The next thing is to know the creative process. UI/UX design may be a process of specific phases that each creator goes through.

    The creative process:

    1. Discover
    2. Define
    3. Develop
    4. Delivery
  3. Make your eye for design

    Knowing design principles is great, but sometimes it’s not enough, you also need to train your eye to visualize the good design and bad design and to spot strengths and weaknesses in designs.
    The most effective thanks to training your eye for design is through inspiration.
    Before opening a blank canvas and looking at it for half an hour, know that the sole thanks to being creative is through research. Sometimes the mind can’t create ideas on its own, you’ve got to first check out other designs to start out creating your own, especially when you’re a beginner.
    Browse portfolio websites
    So check out what other designers do on Dribbble, and whenever you come upon pretty designs or something relevant to your project, reserve it in your notes and mention what you wish about it, you’ll also take screenshots. This way, you’ll have a set of inspirational designs for you to begin from.
    Here are my favourite websites for inspiration:

  4. Learn daily design articles

    To make ourselves get aware of design, the most effective way is to read some articles daily.
    Make a habit of reading design news and blogging every day. There are a lot of articles available online for us to find about new trends, use cases, and tutorials. All we have to do is find them. There’s nothing better than learning from other people’s experiences.
    Make reading articles an everyday habit
    So start your day with a cup of coffee and some inspirational articles on Medium or Smashing Magazine. Learning new things within the morning will broaden your mind and can make space for creativity during the day.
    Here are some blog and news websites to get design Ideas:

  5. Design Duplicate projects.

    Practice makes perfect. And we know we can not get clients/jobs without experience. But without employment or projects, we can’t practice, right?
    But we will break this cycle by practising on our own, by creating fake projects for fun! Dribbble is full of it.

  6. Learn the latest web design features.

    There are a lot of design tools out there, but you don’t get to know all of them. Get to understand the simplest ones out there, choose your favourites, and stay updated with the latest features.

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