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WebDriver Architecture Selenium

The requirement of WebDriver Architecture selenium is to understand the Web-UI automation using selenium WebDrive.For the depth of knowledge of selenium Webdrive, we have to understand the architecture first. The order to know about architecture first needs to know about the 4 components that compare the framework.

Architecture Selenium

Selenium Client Library

This is possible to support different programming languages in Selenium WebDrive.The language bandings component of selenium Webdrive allows us to write selenium scripts. The language as per our choice we can write the script in selenium. For example the programming language we can use like Java, C#, Python , Ruby, JavaScript, etc.

Browser Drivers

In selenium, we have a separate browser drive. Selenium script gives commands to the driver and passes them to the respective driver. Some of the browser Drivers that we can use in selenium are – FirefoxDriver, ChromeDriver, InternetExploreDriver, SafariDriver, OperBrowser.

JSON Wire Protocol over HTTP

The communication between the script and the browser Driver via JSON Wire protocol. It can transfer the data between client and server over the web.

The browser receives the command and calls the respective method to perform the automation task.
Here below is the command to perform the automation task:
WebDriver driver = new chromeDriver();

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