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A brief history of Emails

In October 1969, the very first message was sent from one computer to other on ARPANET and it looked like the following:
emails history

Roy Tomlinson was the first inventor of Electronic mail in 1971. He developed the first system that sent electronic emails between one system to multiple hosts across the ARPANET with the @ symbol to link the user name with the destination server.

It was a question from many of the people that How would one indicate within a network where the message should go when sending messages from one computer to another? Roy Tomlinson had an answer:
the symbol
This concept of communicating through the organization via emails was the inspiration for the advent of the internet.

By the 1980s, the Internet, the infancy period of Internet Service Providers (ISP), had started connecting people around the world, and emailing “hosting” sites, clamoring for their piece of the pie.

For many new Internet users, electronic mail was the first practical application of this exciting new medium. By 1993, the term “electronic mail” had been replaced by “email” in public email, and Internet usage had become more widespread.

Over the next few years, America Online (AOL), Accomail, Hotmail, and Yahoo shaped the Internet and email landscape. He pumped in marketing dollars to expand the reach and expose a vastly wider audience to the benefits of the World Wide Web. Internet usage exploded in the late 1990s, growing from 55 million users in 1997 to 400 million by 1999.

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